Ginger and Lime Lemonade

A Ginger and Lime Lemonade :: Gatsby Style

"Make us a cold drink,"  cried Daisy.  :: The Great Gatsby

It's not likely Daisy was sending off Tom to whip up a round of ginger and lime lemonades, but rather a boozy, fizzy, icy, limey gin rickey.  The Great Gatsby movie,  dripping in sweat and alcohol, makes even tea totalers crave a cocktail clicking with ice.

"Gatsby took up his drink.  'They certainly look cool', he said with visible tension.  We drank in long greedy swallows. " 

If it doesn't officially feel like summer to you yet, see The Great Gatsby;  read the book; better yet, do both and enjoy a modern-day ginger and lime lemonade on the lawn.  

ginger and lime lemonade

1 lime
1 lemon
1/2 " piece of fresh ginger root
1/4 cup agave nectar
6 cups water
stevia, to taste

Run the lime, lemon and ginger through the juicer.  Stir in agave nectar until well combined.  Add water and sweeten additionally, if desired, with a little stevia.  Pour into a glass or ceramic pitcher and chill for several hours, up to several days.  Stir, again, before pouring over ice.

Cucumber Crush

Cucumber Crush in a sugar-rimmed wine glass.  

A perfect 85° F and sunny day in April means a requisite summery something to sip while clearing out the flower beds and baring pale arms in the sunshine.  This Cucumber Crush is just the drink.  It's basically water infused with cucumber and apple and sweetened delicately with agave nectar.

Cucumber Crush makes a non-alcohol drink for guests.  
Since I bought a Breville Fountain Juicer over a year ago, I've been juicing the small remnants of fruits and vegetables and infusing water with these concentrated liquids.  If you use your juicer regularly, as I do, juicing a half an apple that someone left behind, or a small bit of unused cucumber is such a simple thing to do.  I try different combinations, some sweetened creating a twist on lemonade.   I place a small amount of juice in a pitcher, fill with water and chill.

Cucumber Crush is actually a cocktail with cucumber, vodka and lime.  But I love cucumber in water and much prefer my own version of Cucumber Crush to its alcohol-laced sister.  I served a pitcher of Cucumber Crush the other evening for a wine and dessert pairing event as a festive offering for those not drinking alcohol.

cucumber crush

1/2 cucumber, juiced
1/2 apple, juiced
2 Tbsp. agave nectar
6 - 8 cups water

In a large pitcher, stir together the juices and agave nectar.  Add water and chill.

If you do not own a juicer, slice the cucumber and apple thinly and infuse in a pitcher of water.  Sweeten with agave nectar and chill.

For a sugar rimmed cup, as pictured above, rub a thin slice of cucumber around the rim and dip the rim in  a small amount of sugar; it doesn't take much and adds an extra touch.