Simplicity in the Kitchen



If you  are on a path to simplify your life, you can greatly advance  by simplifying your cooking.   I explore contemporary tools, techniques, ingredients, sources and kitchen design for a new era of simplified scratch cooking.  There'sa lifestyle to be had that features cooking that is fresh, simple and more meaningful.   I have curated a pantry of ingredients and collection of recipes and inspiration using them for modern scratch cooking.



My SimplyCooking® concept features a set pantry list for stocking the kitchen with fresh, plant-based foods and advocates restocking these ingredients rather than rethinking a shopping  list each week.  I found this the  key to a simplified approach to scratch cooking.  The SimplyCooking® Pantry is a list of minimally processed ingredients from which all recipes on this site are made.  While most  recipes I develop, I also  test, study and share recipes from other sources that use the SimplyCooking® Pantry ingredients and which embody the SimplyCooking® concept.  Recipes from other authors are credited.  



Everyday I look at what’s ahead and consider how I can simplify things to make more time for things of enjoyment. Making weekly menus and meal plans is one of those time drains. I don't advocate meal plans but believe in cooking from scratch daily from an inspired space based on what sounds good and what my body and soul need at that moment.    With the pantry stocked, or even minimally stocked,  there are always plenty of options.

By simplifying the way we cook we step into the kitchen unburdened and ready to be mindful.  It's then we can then enjoy the highly creative act of cooking.  


My recipes are written for small batch cooking for one. We each need to be able to cook for ourselves and enjoy the process. whether it is a quick Saturday lunch, dinner after a long workday or a leisurely Sunday breakfast. They are written to be flexible and increased by two, three or four if necessary. Some, like brownies, do conform to a traditional size, yield and pan size, because some things are just meant to be shared.







SimplyCooking® was created out of my desire for a set grocery list to stock my kitchen and a coordinating collection of simple recipes..  I felt this was a way to simplify my life and simply cook rather than repeatedly making grocery lists, searching for recipes and monotonous shopping.  SimplyCooking®  was  introduced in 2003 as a subscription web site and meal planning service. The SimplyCooking® concept  has evolved  with changing ideas about ingredients, the advancement of social media and technology and a decade of personal research on and commitment to simplicity in a modern world.

All photography on the SimplyCooking® website is taken by me.  I don't buy props; the dishes and surfaces you see are from my home and the food "styled" is just as I would serve it.  I  use natural light and place set the shot wherever the lighting is good - the stairwell window, the farm table on my porch, a mantel, even the closet floor.  If you would like to use one of my shots, please contact me.  I only ask that credit be given.  



Lora Reardon. Founder, SimplyCooking® and Simple Cooking Solutions, LLC.  Reach me at

Lora Reardon. Founder, SimplyCooking® and Simple Cooking Solutions, LLC. Reach me at

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