Tortilla Wraps

Here's an indispensable pantry item:  tortilla wraps.  And I am thrilled to have finally found some made locally.  No, not in Texas, Arizona or California as you may think.  Right in the heart of the Midwest, St. Louis, outstanding tortilla wraps are made by the San Luis Tortilla Company.  These are a find.  They are soft and fresh, the spinach variety a nice bright green and the roasted red pepper variety a fresh red.  I understand there is a jalepeno variety as well which I am anxious to try.

What to do with such great wraps?  The next several posts will give some of our favorite SimplyCooking® recipes using tortilla wraps.  Today, for lunch, I'll smear a tortilla with a little cream cheese and pesto, then chop up some cucumber, tomato and lettuce and add a small bit of shredded mozzarella cheese for a refreshing veggie wrap.  Soft and flavorful tortilla wraps turn yesterday's leftovers into something really special.  My husband often rummages through the fridge on Saturdays looking for any sort of leftover, brown rice to chili, he can wrap up.  The wrap makes the difference; a crumbly one that lacks in flavor just won't do;  might as well not bother.

I called the San Luis Tortilla Company to learn where you can buy their products.  Happily, a nice gentleman answered the phone; shocking but so pleasant someone still answers phones.  He told me they primarily sell to restaurants but will soon be in Straub's Markets under the Straub's private label.  They are currently sold at Sappington Farmer's Market ,where I've been purchasing them, and at Restaurant Depot where the entire line is sold.