Time Spent Cooking for Others

A meal, thoughtfully prepared by you for another person who cannot do this for himself, is, to me, the single greatest expression of caring, friendship and love.  There are many occasions when we do want to help someone ill or going through a rough emotional patch, but don't know quite what to do.   An entire meal dropped off or left at the back door, a container of soup, a pot of stew, a plate of cookies; the act of sharing something delicious is a touching and appreciated act beyond what can possibly communicated.  But,  the nuisance of time so often stands in the way of executing such powerfully positive intentions.

Since the early days of SimplyCooking®, cooking for others has wound it way into the founder's conversations and content.  Cindy prepared and delivered dinner to her grandmother every Wednesday without fail for most of the years our venture has existed. What she was making or what she should make frequently came up in light hearted, passing conversation.  There were several occasions SimplyCooking® meetings convened in Kathy's dining room while Kathy cooked, not only for her own four children but for another household in need.   I drop off meals - always including dessert - for family and friends whenever there's a need, but I particularly find rewarding dinner parties my sister and I have thrown for our parents.  Gathering around a table with a few friends, fine wine and food, spirited conversation followed by a little live music is what my parents so enjoyed regularly in their younger days.  With just a few simple, everyday recipes and a little time, we have done the work for them, creating the setting they so relish.  Watching the pleasures of friendship, food and laughter unfold is equally as pleasurable for the two of us who are not eating but simmering, carving, pouring and plating it up.  And the dinner parties Cindy and I have done for charity make us realize, time and time again, several things:  One, we love cooking together.  Two, we have no desire to be caterers.  Three, there is indeed a sort of magic in cooking for others when it is soulfully inspired.  

With your SimplyCooking® Pantry stocked, you'll find yourself like us; ready to prepare a few extra servings, a few extra meals or a quick, little treat any time for anyone who may need the touch of the loving spirit that comes uniquely from your kitchen.  Upcoming posts will feature recipes ideal for sharing with others.