Soup for Two Servings

We learned this trick from "Bette," a talented and resourceful cook and mother of an original 2003


subscriber, "Dorothy." "Bette" is known for her healing chicken soup.  She makes batches regularly and freezes two serving portions in plastic bags.  The bags stack neatly in the freezer.  The soup looks fresh and is just as tasty when thawed and rewarmed.

  • Mark clear, quart-sized food storage bags with the date.
  • Place 3 cups of cooled soup into each dated bag and freeze.
  • Frozen soup will keep for 6 months.
  • To use, place a frozen bag on a plate and microwave on high for 1 minute or just until the frozen soup is  loosened enough to empty into a pan.
  • Empty the soup into a pan to completely thaw and heat.