Shopping Day

Today is shopping day at our house.  And, it's Thursday so our weekly delivery from Shiloh Hills Hens arrived too.  It was a pleasure to take produce out of plastic bags, wash it well and place it in bowls and platters.  On the counter I keep everything that does not absolutely require refrigeration.   By having ingredients out, in plain view, looking so pretty and fresh, it urges me on to cook and consume them, to honor them some how.  My refrigerator is small by modern standards, which I like, because any larger and it would be filled with un-necessaries.  The kitchen stays cool with a heavy fan blowing a good breeze constantly. Seldom does something go bad on the counter.  More often something goes bad in the fridge because it was forgotten.

I keep one refrigerated drawer just for greens and ingredients I set aside specifically for juicing.

An English trifle bowl is perfect for holding oranges or apples.  How often to I make trifle?  Not very, but I love the shape of the bowl.  It's large and fruit looks lovely in it.

 Fresh ground cashew butter takes a place inside  the pantry.  My husband spreads it on sprouted grain toast every single morning,  And for a hurried lunch I will occasionally make a cashew butter and honey sandwich - a step up indeed from PBJ.  There are many ways to use cashew butter including in some amazing raw desserts.  And when the container is down to nothing, Callie, our Lab eagerly takes the empty to the yard and licks it spit spot clean.

 What ingredient is always plentiful in the SimplyCooking® kitchen?  Lemons.  

Besides being useful, a big bowlful also makes an elegant centerpiece, especially in a silver bowl.  Do you have a silver bowl, maybe handed down from the family, you are not quite sure what to do with?

I just re stained the top of my farm table.  I didn't realize how much prettier the produce would look.

As always, I used the

SimplyCooking® Pantry Checklist

as my guide for shopping and restocking.  

Here is the list

, if you would like to use it too.