The SimplyCooking® pantry includes both dairy and non-dairy products that fit one's  preferences.  The SimplyCooking® concept focuses on simplicity in cooking not dietary regimes. There is great range in the form these products can take - from pre-grated cheese pouches to raw, local, small batch or vegan based cheeses- and room for experimentation and personal choice based on time and budget.   

•Almond milk or oat milk substitutes perfectly for cow’s milk in every SimplyCooking®  recipe.  

•In cooking with cow’s milk, whole milk  produces a superior result to 2% or skim milk.  One benefit of cooking from scratch is achieving a richness and depth of flavor so we're satisfied by eating a smaller portion.

•Coconut milk provides a creamy quality for soups and desserts. 

•Buttermilk can be substituted by stirring a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon into a cup of whole milk and sitting for a few minutes.

•In this category, quality should be emphasized. Always purchase the highest quality that can fit your budget.

•All recipes in the SimplyCooking® recipe collection are made from the SimplyCooking® pantry of ingredients.


Almond milk or Oat milk


Coconut milk


Goat Cheese

Neufchatel Cheese

Organic Grassfed Butter

Parmesan Cheese finely grated

Parmesan Cheese shaved

Sour Cream

Unsalted butter

Vanilla ice cream

Whole Milk

Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese



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