Dried herbs are a pantry necessity for everyday scratch cooking. The exception is parsley which is only used fresh in SimplyCooking® recipes.   {See the SimplyCooking® Produce Listing}  Fresh parsley can be combined with dried herbs, such as basil or thyme, and used to create a fresh basil or fresh thyme effect.   Dried herbs and spices are best stored in small containers out of the light and replenished frequently. They should smell highly fragrant and with character. Crush them between your fingertips to release the flavor. 

There are myriad choices of salts and pepper, but for purposes of a simple kitchen and curated pantry,  freshly ground black pepper and Celtic Sea Salt work wonderfully; nothing more extravagant is needed.  

All recipes in the SimplyCooking® collection are made from the SimplyCooking® pantry of ingredients.  


Black peppercorns (or ground black pepper)

Cinnamon, ground

Chili powder

Cloves, ground

Cumin, ground

Curry powder

Dry mustard

Ginger, ground

Nutmeg, ground


Poultry seasoning

Pumpkin pie spice



Unrefined sea salt – Celtic Sea Salt, fine ground, is preferable


Note:  Parsley is recommended fresh and is found in the SimplyCooking® produce list. 


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