Ginger and Lime Lemonade

A Ginger and Lime Lemonade :: Gatsby Style

"Make us a cold drink,"  cried Daisy.  :: The Great Gatsby

It's not likely Daisy was sending off Tom to whip up a round of ginger and lime lemonades, but rather a boozy, fizzy, icy, limey gin rickey.  The Great Gatsby movie,  dripping in sweat and alcohol, makes even tea totalers crave a cocktail clicking with ice.

"Gatsby took up his drink.  'They certainly look cool', he said with visible tension.  We drank in long greedy swallows. " 

If it doesn't officially feel like summer to you yet, see The Great Gatsby;  read the book; better yet, do both and enjoy a modern-day ginger and lime lemonade on the lawn.  

ginger and lime lemonade

1 lime
1 lemon
1/2 " piece of fresh ginger root
1/4 cup agave nectar
6 cups water
stevia, to taste

Run the lime, lemon and ginger through the juicer.  Stir in agave nectar until well combined.  Add water and sweeten additionally, if desired, with a little stevia.  Pour into a glass or ceramic pitcher and chill for several hours, up to several days.  Stir, again, before pouring over ice.